I'm Archangel Aedan. I live wherever the wind takes me. You don't want to get burn like hell? Then you better not tell me what the hell to do. My mission is to care for the souls lost on earth and get their ass back to the Light were they belong. I like to be around some humans. They are... Fun to play with -smirks-

I was raised on Earth by an old Shaman. My real father is Seraph Metatron. My Mother was Pandora. A gypsy who took care of me as a baby.

My Life now... Two names... Marie and Aysel. My Love and My Daughter.

Well... I think the rest... You'll find out if you come closer-smirks-





 archangelaedan started following you:

“Hi there” 

Hi… Who are you?

“I’m Ruby. But most people call me Red” she giggles at the incredibly handsome man before her “And who are you?” 

Aedan stares at her from head to toe and smirks
-Interesting… I’m Aedan. A pleasure to meet you…